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Teaching, professional development, and helping people advance their careers is a passion of mine. I have been teaching courses at universities since 2003 in both undergraduate and graduate programs via face-to-face, online, and hybrid or blended learning instructional formats.

In addition, I consult businesses and organizations on many topics, as well as host workshops related to social media and resume preparation. It is very rewarding when students realize the value of their learning and that the "tough love" they received during my class gave them the confidence to succeed.

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Teaching Philosophy
Retention of knowledge is best accomplished through hands-on, practical experience; self-study and research; and mentorship. Students must be in a challenging environment that pushes them to new levels of critical thinking using real-life business situations, while encouraging peer-to-peer learning to drive engagement.



Shaun Holloway

Shaun Holloway is a seasoned digital business strategy professional thriving at the intersection of technology, marketing, and service. I serve as an organizational linchpin in transforming the engagement experience through technology and business intelligence, while creating and enhancing constituent value.

Shaun is the Director of Information Technology at the American Motorcyclist Association (AMA), where he drives technology innovation, member engagement, data governance, facilities life safety management, and high-availability real-time digital services development to protect the future of motorcycling and promote the motorcycle lifestyle, while serving the motorsports industry.

Previously, Shaun was the Senior Director of Information Technology and Marketing at the Association of College and University Housing Officers International (ACUHO-I), where he was a senior executive with strategic, fiscal, and operational responsibility for global technology, marketing, and business operations, while generating direct revenue through IT services and marketing initiatives.

Shaun was the Director of Web Marketing & Development for the Fisher College of Business at The Ohio State University, where he led the strategic planning, marketing/communication, innovation, and branding activities for the college's websites, social networks, portals, and online marketing and community-building initiatives.

Shaun was also the Web Manager for the COSI science center; serving as the Director of Marketing and Operations and co-founder of a commercial asset liquidation company; and entered the marketing field as a Regional Merchandiser for Speedway SuperAmerica, after completing a four-week consulting trip in Capetown, South Africa, where he recommended sales and pricing strategies for a growing accounting firm.

Shaun earned a Master of Business Administration (MBA) with emphasis in web marketing and development and professional sales and a Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) in marketing and strategic leadership from Ohio University.


Shaun Holloway

I have been teaching courses at universities and professional organizations since 2003 in both undergraduate and graduate programs via face-to-face, online, and hybrid or blended learning instructional formats.

The topic of digital marketing encompasses a wide spectrum of disciplines and areas of focus; as a result, there are several courses and programs that I teach or coach in. Typical subjects include digital marketing strategy, social media marketing, Internet marketing, web analytics, applied marketing and communication theory, and related workshops.

The topic of marketing and sales is part of everyone's job. The courses I have taught in this area cover topics such as personal selling, relationship sales strategy, business-to-business marketing, and marketing and communication concepts.


How to Brand (or Rebrand) Yourself for the Job You Want

Impact City Church - Personal and Professional Growth

Are you a seasoned professional looking to change careers? Need help creating your first or dusting off your resume? Would you like to practice interviews with experienced professionals and get advice for how to thrive in the first 100 days of a new job?

YES. This hands-on, personal group will provide advice and support, as you walk along the path God created for your talents. You will define your personal mission statement aligned with God's plan for you; build a resume and cover letter that gets results; learn strategies for navigating a new job with a defined action plan, practice interviewing in safe spaces, and learn the attributes of being an ideal team player with the support of your peers and mentors in the group.


Digital Marketing Strategy

Franklin University - Master of Science in Marketing and Communications

The integration of existing and emerging technology with marketing and communication strategies has become a major marketing and societal force. Topics explored in this course range from social media strategies to the metrics used to analyze the impact of Internet marketing campaigns.


Understanding Digital Strategy

Impact City Church - Personal and Professional Growth

With the ever-growing impact social media, websites, and apps have in influencing society, personal reputations, and business economics, this group will explore questions, strategies, and philosophies, in order to help each person make informed decisions during their own engagement opportunities with technology. Each week, a primary discussion theme with supporting resources will be introduced to encourage group-sourced direction of where the conversation flows.


Digital Marketing Strategy

Franklin University - Master of Science in Marketing and Communications

The integration of existing and emerging technology with marketing and communication strategies has become a major marketing and societal force. Topics explored in this course range from social media strategies to the metrics used to analyze the impact of Internet marketing campaigns.


Marketing Management

Franklin University - Master of Business Administration (MBA)

Students gain a working knowledge of both marketing theory and the practical application of innovative marketing strategies, while exploring how product, price, place, and promotion contribute to the marketing mix through research-based insights into consumer behavior.


Social Media and Internet Marketing

Franklin University - Bachelor of Science in Internet Marketing

In this course students explore and utilize techniques for integrating social media and Internet marketing as an integral component of marketing campaigns, serving as listening and outreach tools for building brand awareness and promoting business. Through an investigation of tools, students will have the opportunity to create and present a written plan for achieving business goals through the use of a social media marketing campaign.


Applied Marketing and Communication Theory

Franklin University - Master of Science in Marketing and Communications

The capstone is a culminating experience that builds upon all of the knowledge students have gained in the master degree program. Students work with faculty to research a concept, setting, and academic theory of their choice, leading to comprehensive recommendations students will make to advance the field of marketing and communications.


Introduction to Microsoft Office

Ohio Christian University - Bachelor of Science in Business Administration

This introductory level course guides students through each of the major Microsoft Office programs (Word, PowerPoint, and Excel) to prepare them for future college coursework.


Professional Selling Techniques

Ohio University - Bachelor of Business Administration

The best way to learn sales is to experience it and see the direct results of personal behavior and decisions. This course uses a basic sales process where students perform sales calls and research that mirrors a sales and decision cycle from prospecting to a boardroom-style final presentation.


Business-to-Business Marketing

Ohio University - Bachelor of Business Administration

This course introduces students to the field of business-to-business (B2B) marketing and answers the questions: What is business marketing? In what markets does it occur? A business market simulation software program is used to emulate putting a product to market and achieving sales quotas, and to make it interesting, student teams compete against one another.


Introduction to Marketing

Ohio University - Bachelor of Business Administration

This course explores the fundamentals of marketing and communication concepts and give students a high-level overview of the field. The many focus areas of the field are covered, such as promotions, pricing strategy, logistics, and product development processes.


Shaun Holloway

Workshops provide a formal, deep dive into an area of focus. There are many topics of workshops that I can facilitate, and below are two of the most requested workshops that I have done. If you would like me to host a workshop on the following topics or any other areas I am an expert in, please contact me.


Social Media Strategies Workshop

Marketing is very difficult to do well without integrating technology, as the Chief Marketing Officer and Chief Information Officer roles blur. Upon investigation and evaluation of the current skill set for mid-level and senior-level executives, there is a need to strengthen the understanding of digital marketing and how it is a fundamental and unavoidable area of the organizational and marketing strategies.

In this interactive, hands-on learning experience, participants will learn and understand how social media tools can be applied as part of their organizations' strategic marketing plans. This customizable series and approach is designed to leverage the skill sets and experiences of each participant in a peer-to-peer learning atmosphere. The workshop is customizable based on the needs of the target audience and client.

Learning Objectives and Outcomes

  • Enhance comfortability with social marketing tools in a non-intimidating, non-threatening way
  • Introduce social technologies and how to they work together to engage the target audience
  • Understand how social media marketing tools fit into an organization’s marketing mix
  • Learn and evaluate approaches that can be incorporated immediately into the organization
  • Receive hands-on feedback about social marketing initiatives from industry peers and experts
  • Learn applicable ways to incorporate social media into an organization or marketing campaign

Supporting Guides and Documents


Resume and Cover Letter Workshop

Too often people undersell their own capabilities and experiences. In order to land an interview, the resume and cover letter must work together with the job description. I've established my own process to position a resume to its maximum ability to sell, while maintaining the individual's unique style.

I'm happy to help my students, colleagues, and friends with their resumes and cover letters... just send them to me. Remember, you have to always look out for Number One.

Learning Objectives and Outcomes

  • Understand the value of a personal brand and how to cultivate one
  • Identify the stages of resume evolution how to sell yourself digitally
  • Learn how to use verbs and descriptive language for position responsibilities
  • Focus on the details in layout, content, and language for every section and word choice
  • Understand that you are not alone and see examples and templates of what works

Supporting Guides and Documents

Practical Questions to Ask First
Personal Brand Obituary Blank
Ideal Team Player Model Description
OSU Legal Interview Questions Guide
Interview Preparation Tips
OSU Fisher College of Business Negotiating Guide

Shaun Holloway
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