Genuinely care about others.
Serve with people and lift them up.

I have guiding values and behaviors
that encourage success and deliver results.


I am a business and digital strategy professional thriving at the intersection of technology, marketing, and service. I serve as an organizational linchpin in transforming the engagement experience through technology and business intelligence, while creating and enhancing constituent value.

I earned a Master of Business Administration degree with emphasis in web marketing and sales and a Bachelor of Business Administration degree majoring in marketing and strategic leadership from Ohio University.

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Shaun Holloway

Shaun Holloway at Dawes Arboretum

Professional Highlights

The following list is only a representative sample of initiatives and projects that I've led and launched during my career. A complete resume is available upon request.

Spearheaded digital transformations and turn-around plans for information technology and software development operations at six organizations

Turned IT into a revenue-generating division by growing and maturing products and services

Co-led a two-year, $1.7M, historical building renovation project. Designed and directed the project related to contractor management, IT operations, network design, security and access control, electrical service, energy/sustainability, ADA accessibility, and space planning

Consulted a business in Capetown, South Africa for four weeks regarding sales and accounting strategies

Created industry-wide online communities and collaboration spaces for volunteers and boards of directors

Wrote and executed comprehensive web strategies at five organizations that included online marketing, social media, sales, server architecture, security, SDLC, email marketing, content management system, and e-commerce / in-bound marketing initiatives

Launched several CRM/AMS/LMS systems that serve as the enterprise back-office and customer engagement portals and databases of record

Produce A/V and stage productions for opening, closing, and keynote sessions at 2,000 person conferences

Grew websites to over 2 million visitors, while managing budgets over $500K

Established information technology departments from the ground up, including but not limited to support services, SDLC, security programs, replacement lifecycles, and strategic plans

Worked with organizations like Lucas Films, Ltd. (Star Wars Exhibition website) and CNBC (blogging and video production).

Launched business intelligence and project portfolio management systems to drive data-drive decision making and increase sales

Awards and Honors

Old TV in the grass

It is an honor to be recognized for my work and achievements. As my grandpa told me once, "The harder you work, the luckier you get."

  • Appointed as a 2021 ASAE Gold Circle Awards Judge, March 2021. The premier program that rewards creativity, innovation, and campaign success in marketing, communications, and membership categories in association leadership.
  • Earned the Innovation Grant Program (IGP) Award from the ASAE Foundation, The Center for Association Leadership that will enable further research, development, and security assessments to build a centralized digital signage management ecosystem, January 2018.
  • Won the "Preservation Merit" Award from the Ohio History Connection and the State Preservation Office in recognition of renovation project outcomes in a building on the National Register of Historic Places, July 2015.
  • Earned the "Teaching Excellence" Award from Franklin University based on evidence of teaching excellence, including student evaluations, data indicating implementation of best practices in the classroom, and faculty recommendation, June 2015.
  • Won the Web Marketing Association's Web Award "Outstanding Website" in the Non-Profit category for excellence in website design, interactivity, technology, and content, September 2014.
  • Earned the "Teaching Excellence" Award from Franklin University based on evidence of teaching excellence, including student evaluations, data indicating implementation of best practices in the classroom, and faculty recommendation, June 2014.
  • Won the Gold EXCEL Award in "Web Publishing Design Excellence" for ACUHO-International's new website from the Association of Media & Publishing, April 2014.
  • Earned the "Teaching Excellence" Award from Franklin University based on evidence of teaching excellence, including student evaluations, data indicating implementation of best practices in the classroom, and faculty recommendation, November 2012.
  • Earned the "PRism" Award from the Public Relations Society of America Central Ohio Chapter for excellence in the production, design, and execution of the OSU Fisher College of Business Annual Report, April 2010.
  • Earned the "Hot on Twitter" Honor for one of my presentations being most tweeted by other people on on September 27, 2009.
  • Earned the Career Management Institute Best Practices Award for engaging and training undergraduate students to blog about their internship experience in a blog called "MyFisher Internship," August 2009.
  • Featured on homepage for a video completed as part of the Lost Egypt Traveling Exhibition content and blog project, March 4, 2008.
  • Won the Web Marketing Association's Web Award "Standard of Excellence" in the Family and Non-Profit categories for outstanding web development, 2007.
  • Won the American Association of Web Masters Gold Web Award for creative web design and content, 2007.

Management Style

Shaun Holloway Baltimore Harbor

Over the years I've had the opportunity to work on, lead, and create some of the most productive, efficient, and energetic teams in the industry. I'm passionate about what I do and hope to share my energy with others.

  • I am an organizational linchpin that connects all areas of the organization to the big picture.
  • I am a multi-project leader and use agile project management methodologies.
  • I operate using the funnel of productivity model to balance throughput.
  • I expect the best from my team and prefer not to micro-manage.
  • I utilize "management by walking around" principles to keep relationships with the team and clients on positive and progressive ground.
  • I am an ENTJ on the Meyer-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI).
  • I am a Learner and Strategic in my core, according to the Strength Finder assessment results:
    • 2019 - Relator, Learner, Individualization, Strategic, Maximizer
    • 2014 - Futuristic, Strategic, Learner, Command, and Arranger
  • simpleDISCovery Personality Assessment = D/C Personality
  • simpleGIFTS Spirituality Assessment = Administration, Discernment, Helps, and Service
  • I am a "Guardian" according to the Keirsey Temperament Sorter II.
  • I have also completed the FIRO-B interpretive assessment to gauge influence and the Insights Discovery profile to understand my driving behaviors as a team member.

Guiding Values and Behaviors

My management style continues to evolve, and I've been able to hone in on the guiding principles that govern my professional work and the expectations of my team.

Operate with trust and integrity

Be truthful to ourselves and to one another on all matters, in order to build solid working relationships.

Execute and strive to be results-oriented

Reputations are built on the ability to get things done. Exceed client expectations and do what is right for the organization and customer.

Small details define professionalism

Being an expert means that even the smallest details are done right... that is what separates the professionals from the amateurs.

Give professional respect to one another

Respect each person's area of expertise and treat him or her as an expert in their field.

Avoid surprises by keeping our managers and stakeholders informed

Mistakes happen and commitments are missed, but it is important to communicate as early as possible to determine corrective action or negotiate new directives.

Be punctual

Being on time is a form of respect and is the start to high levels of productivity and relationship building.

Be creative in managing resource gaps and budgets

Being frugal tends to result in greater efficiency and effectiveness, and often opens the door to learning opportunities.

Engage others to resolve problems

Avoid saying "it's not my problem" or "it's not my job." Take the initiative to engage the necessary individuals to fix issues no matter where they work in the organization.

Think how we can, not why we can't

Complaining and blaming others does not effectively lead to results. When working a project or issue, offer solutions or options not road blocks. It is understood that there are procedures, policies, and agreements; however, they should never be excuses for failing to meet a client's need or getting a job done.

Practice direct, efficient, and courteous communication

Communications should be open, honest, and, if written, crafted with caution. Use all available tools (email, phone, face-to-face, instant messages, etc), but pick the right combination of vehicles for the nature of the message and for the people receiving the message.

Have fun, but be professional

Given the number of hours that are dedicated to work, it is important to have fun! Why come to work otherwise.

Respect the past, but reject the status quo

The history of an organization, projects, and initiatives have great lessons that can be used to advance the organization. Respect them; however, we must constantly change, refine, and improve processes and systems.

Performance manage and coach other team members

Provide learning opportunities and coaching to help advance others' careers; be a mentor and lead by example.

Be innovative and creative

Allot time in the job to be creative and learn new technologies, approaches, etc. Many of the most talked-about and successful achievements are the result of taking the time to explore new solutions.

Constructively be a "devils' advocate"

In a known way, play a role where solutions and ideas are questioned. This often either confirms a decision or morphs the idea into an even better solution or approach.